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Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy is important so that we can establish your company's visions and develop opportunities to meet or exceed your goals and expectations. The objective is to maximize your business initiatives and present your company at the top of your niche market. It is important to have a plan in place in the beginning and know where it is that you are headed, archetypeworks is here to help you with that process.

At archetypeworks we first identify any opportunities or challenges that an online presence could help with. Then, we take a look at any areas that your customers' needs are not being met to their fullest potential. Once we have established these areas we can develop a vision on what your digital plan should look like to solve these issues and create the best user experience possible. Once we decide which initiatives are most important we will prioritize and develop a plan for long term growth and constantly updating and adding new features. It is important that we think for the future so that you are constantly changing and addressing your digital marketing as to never become stagnant in your presence.

There are several directions to go with your digital strategy. Whether developing an online presence, social media, mobile, ecommerce or something else you have to determine what features to add to give the most value to your customers. At archetypeworks we know it is hard to get started with this process and we are here to help guide you on your journey. In essence, your digital strategy should be your online marketing strategy and promote your company directly. Your strategy should be ambitious but also practical. We need to develop a marriage between innovation and pragmatism to deliver the most successful plan for your digital marketing campaigns.

User Experience

User experience is a vital part of your digital marketing. If people can not easily navigate or use your tools then they will not come away with a positive experience from your site. If they can not find what they are looking for then your marketing is completely lost and has no value whatsoever.

We look at the visual design to make sure it is pleasing and easy to highlight the important information. We carefully design the information architecture to be sure we have a good plan in place from the beginning. We help to guide you in developing content that is direct and easy for your target audience to understand. Proper techniques in structuring, organizing and labeling are important as well as making information easy to find and manage. Usability and accessibility are paramount, if people can not use your site then or access the information then your marketing is completely lost.

archetypeworks understands the strong importance of good user experience in all digital venues. It is the feeling that they come away with that they will relate directly back to your company and your level of professionalism. We are experts in user experience and are here to share the expertise with you


Online Marketing is our specialty. We can assist you with a variety of options and even suggest things you have not thought about. Whether it is SEO, email marketing, banner ads, newsletters and blogs; from Social Media to Microsites, we do it well. Our experience is extensive in all areas of digital marketing.

Almost all online marketing campaigns contain some level of search engine optimization combined with some level of analytics to be sure you are getting good return on investment. If people cannot find your company online they will use someone else, it is our expertise that will help with your SEO to guarantee people can find you and when they do they have a good experience. We can not only ensure you will be found but also make sure people like what they see when they get there and have a positive user experience.

We have the knowledge of this industry and want to share it with you, let us help you with marketing your company to the best of your ability. There are many options for online marketing, call us today to discuss what is right for you.


From hardware to software, using the right technology solution for your project from the beginning can be critical, these are the foundations of your project. It is not only making sure that the technology solution is right for the job, but it is also making sure that it will scale with you as your business grows. At archetypeworks, we build all projects with scalability and flexibility in mind. Another aspect is that we also want you to have the ability to make changes to and update your site on your own. We do not want to force you to use our services to maintain your website, but of course they are always available.

We use a variety of open source frameworks and platforms to find the right fit for your business. From content management systems like Wordpress, Modx, Joomla and Drupal to our ecommerce solution of Magento we are able to customize these to specifically meet your needs. Our developers will use a combination of HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL to build in custom features and functionality. For custom applications we use codeigniter a powerful open source framework that had robust toolkit for us to build on. Software is not the only technological area we are proficient in, we are also experts in the hardware aspect. From consumer devices like mobile phones, tablets, to PCs and Macs we test and keep up with the latest technologies to ensure that your project is running to it's fullest while at the same time hitting the largest target audience. We also research and keep up to date on the latest hosting solutions, these include shared hosting, managed hosting, cloud and content delivery networks (CDNs) that scale to real time on demand traffic. We will make sure that your site is running to serve your clients and that it is all secure.


The mobile space has exploded in recent years and is going to continue to become a larger part of all our lives. Successfully integrating your business into the lives of your clients will depend creating mobile friendly tools and applications that can be used on the go. The popularity of smartphones and tablets represent a real opportunity for your company and your company's message, to always be with your clients and customers no matter where they are at.

There are several ways to move your company into the mobile space. We start by using responsive design and development. This is allows your website design to change or respond to the device it is being viewed on. Your customers will all see the same content, but it will be laid out and presented based on their screen size. Integrating mobile applications or apps into your online strategy is another popular way to increase your client interaction with their mobile devices.

At archetypeworks we focus on iDevices (iPhone and iPad) and Android app design and development. We can take your ideas and vision to a working app or we can work with you and help build an application that will become a part of your client's everyday life and work with you and your business


Branding and maintaining your brand can be one of the most important aspects of your business. It helps to establish your identity and it is the first thing that potential clients will come in contact with online or through other marketing. It is your first impression and It is how you will be identified.

In starting the branding process we begin by looking at the objectives of your company. In defining these objectives we are able to start building a clear picture of the legacy of the company, and work to project where it is going. We also research your market place. Looking at what is trending in your industry and working to find ways to set your brand apart from and above the other competition.

Once we have finished our research we begin the process of designing your brand. Our designers will take that information and then do what they do best, create amazing artwork that represents your passion. Our ability to understand your business and then to visualize how the design of your brand will affect your customers and market is what sets us apart.

Understanding Technology

Technology is at the center of what archetypeworks does. It has to be, because we believe innovative technology is the core of any successful endeavor in the digital realm.

Our success lies on being able to understand what's feasible and what's not. Which technology to use and what can be built within the budget and under deadline, and what can't. We have the understanding to use the right framework and use the correct tools to handle what your project demands.

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